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What’s up, »Antifa Teheran«?

Here we go

The campaign „Antifa Teheran“ is run by some individuals and groups from the radical left in Germany. It came into life with the constitution of a new and massive protest movement in Iran, back in summer 2009.
Since its beginning, „Antifa Teheran“ represents two points in theory and action; on the one hand, the campaign critically shows solidarity towards the so called „Green movement“. Although this movement does not represent the necessary, radical criticism towards state, nation and capital, „Antifa Teheran“ sees the urgence of supporting the movement as a whole against the clerical terror-regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). On the other hand, the campaing tries to point out and critize German influence on the well-being of the IRI due to their flourishing economic, bilateral relationship. Although a new round of sanctions was put on the IRI internationally, Germany and other states keep up their businesses with the Mullah-state – which, regarding the dependence of the IRI’s trade with its oil, turns out to be a direct support of this regime. All the criticism and theoretical focus is combined with the demand of abolishing the IRI completely and without further conditions.